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Welcome to my site

Thanks for visiting. I am a web developer based in Devon in the South West of England. My primary development environment is ColdFusion and MS SQL Server. In the past I have developed projects in PHP, Classic ASP and ASP.NET.

I have been developing web based applications for approximately 10 years and have been using ColdFusion since version 4.5 was released.

I am the manager and founding member of the official Adobe ColdFusion User Group for Devon (

So, why the name Alias Poor Yorik? Well it's a play on words of the famous quote from Shakespeare's play Hamlet. I'm not a huge fan of Shakespeare, I just like the quote!

I write a blog about developing web applications using ColdFusion, MS SQL Server and jQuery, which has been written from scratch by myself to test out Fusebox 5.5 with no xml in a real world environment.