SEO is for Your Small Business

Can your client base find you? How do they find you? These are important questions to ask as you think about marketing your business. We also ask our clients this question. How would your ideal customer be looking for your service? Where will they be looking? Facebook? Yellow Pages?

9 out of 10 times your customers will be looking for you on Google. Google is the best place for you to advertise your business. The term ‘Google It’ has become a preferred term with regards to searching for things on the internet. More often than not, your customer base will be Googling what service they are looking for. Google is great for small business. Read this article on How Google Local Can Help Your Small Business.

Google is being used an avenue to market local small businesses in their area. There are several ways in which Google is marketing local small businesses.

Google AdWords– This might be one of the most popular means of advertising on Google. These AdWords are placed at the top and the bottom of each page when related to a search term. For instance, if one of our partner companies, runs a Google Adword marketing campaign for SEO in Nashville, then they will focus on getting their advertisement at the top of the page. Also, there will be around 2 to 3 advertisements at the bottom. These advertisements can be very effective for local businesses when done the right way. If you are thinking about advertising, then this is really simple way to start getting exposure for your business.

Google Maps– You may be wondering what are Google Maps. It is the section underneath the Google Adwords advertisements that display your business on the local maps area. It has several great advantages. 1) There are only 3 spots of the local businesses that will be initially shown for their particular keyword. This means that these 3 spots are highly coveted. 2) In the maps area, it not only shows your location, but it also shows your google reviews. These can be very powerful as you grow your business. Clients are more drawn to reviews and stars than many of the other techniques meant to increase exposure.

Google Organic Rankings- These are the websites that are listed under the Google maps area. These are the organic websites that have naturally arisen due to age authority and back links. This is a great place for clients to because the organic Google rankings tends to communicate to clients a sense of authority and respect within that particular service area. For instance, if someone is looking for a dentist in Nashville or Memphis, the tendency will be to look at the top 3 to find a dentist they like. They tend not to look much past #5. If you are needing help to increase your rankings, then please feel free to give us a call.