Video Marketing: Ways to Draw in More Leads

We get this question asked a lot by our clients: How do you draw more leads to our business? If you are in the service industry, then you are always looking for more leads to help grow your business. There are lots of different ways in which to draw leads to your business.

Already set up for you lead service organization

You can find lots of lead service organizations that are set up to help you draw in leads to you business. There are several right off the top of my head that I know. The two primary lead businesses are Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor. These two companies offer services in which they will send leads to your business for a particular fee. The cost can range from $25 to $100 per lead depending upon your industry. There are some really good things about these services. If you are having a hard time getting leads, then it provides you with a service where you can be contacted by people who are looking for services in your industry. The bad side about these services is that you are competing with 3 to 5 other companies. Everyone sends a bid into a client with whom you are not sure is actually wanting to buy or not. Then, if they respond to your bid, you get charged no matter if they take your bid or not. It can be tough sledding to get leads through this way.

Video Marketing: the Next Frontier

At Alias Poor we are always trying to help our clients think outside the box. How can your business approach things differently. We believe that the next wave of online marketing to generate leads will come through video marketing. We believe it is one of the best ways to get your name out visually to others with whom you are seeking to connect. Here is an example from one of our clients who is marketing to people looking for Augusta GA tree removal. We have helped them think through the idea of marketing to clients who are looking for tree services. We have helped them to create a video that would fully express who they are as a company. This is the first and main goal of creating a video. Can you express who you are and how you will help solve the problem for your clients? We spent hours with them trying to find the right blend of video clips, personal dialogue, music and advertising on the video to display the best presentation of the business to their clients. We must say that this has been a great experience for them and us.

YouTube Marketing: Get Your Videos In Front of People

Where are people watching videos these days? YouTube. How can you get in front of your clients who surfing the internet looking at videos? YouTube. Next to Google, YouTube has become the next best thing for people to search. There are tons of people on YouTube and they draw in lots of traffic. We recently was working with another client whose target audience was looking for tree service Chattanooga TN. We were offering a special discount to create a video and upload it on YouTube. We wanted to see the possibilities for lead generation. We were delightful surprised. We were able to help get the video on YouTube for people searching for that term. After waiting about a month, we were able to get an appropriate analysis of how this would effect the company. We were delightfully surprised by the results for the company. We found that the company actually generated 10 sales calls. Out of the 10 sales calls, they were able to get 4 paying jobs worth $1500 each. This means the company was able to make $6000 due to their video being on YouTube. I would say that this has been a great investment for this company.

Video Marketing on Google: Get It In Front of People

The value of videos at this moment is that no one is marketing through videos. This means that the opportunity to stand out from the crowd is huge. Most businesses are relying on website these days. One of the main questions people will ask these days is do you have a website. Websites are a must to communicate who you are and how to contact your business. However, everyone has one. Therefore, when people are looking for a service like tree removal in Columbia SC, normally they are looking for a website. However, what would it look like if you had a video on the page they were looking. People are more prone to click on video than they are to sort through different websites. Video sticks out among the crowd so that when you are looking through the sea of websites, you are able to stand out from the crowd. It is a great way to stand out.

Hopefully, this has been a helpful blog article on why it is important to begin thinking outside of the box. This is what we strive to do at Alias Poor. We bring business solutions to your service industry world in order to better help your business thrive.