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Using thin wrappers around arrays of structs

I noticed that Sean Corfield had posted on the FW/1 mailing list about using a thin wrapper around arrays of structs. This is something that I've experimented with before and I find it to be a useful technique. Read more »

Composition over inheritance with ColdBox 3

ColdBox 3 has a cunning trick up it's sleeve that allows you to "bootstrap" ColdBox to your application and therefore allow per-application mapping to the ColdBox directory, that is a sub-folder inside my application folder. There is more information on the ColdBox wiki, but there isn't an example of what the Application.cfc looks like. So here is one I created using the excellent ColdFusion Build ColdBox exten Read more »

Custom ValidateThis Result

The talented Bob Silverberg released version 0.95 of his validation framework; ValidateThis. I wanted to blog about one of the cool new features that Bob added, which is the ability to add your own custom result object. Read more »

A First Look at MightyMock

MightyMock is a mock framework to help you unit test your applications. I'm using it with MXunit, but you should be able to use it with any Unit Testing framework. So why do you need it? Read more »

Getting started with HQL

Hibernate has it's only query language called HQL. I thought I'd put together some simple examples of how you can use it in your ColdFusion 9 applications. Read more »

Creating Gateways using a GatewayFactory for ORM

Joe Reinhart blogged earlier this week about his ColdFusion 9 ORM: Generic DAO wrapper. I've been playing around with something similar (although I don't have a dynamic finder method like Joe has) which uses a Gateway Factory and an Abstract Gateway and thought I'd post my code here in case anyone was interested. Read more »

EntityLoadByPK - undocumented cf9 method

I was reading Rupesh Kumar's blog where he'd posted this example: EntityLoadByPK("Artists", 1); I hadn't seen the EntityLoadByPK method before, so I went off to check the docs and couldn't find it. Read more »

Introducing the ColdFusion 9 ORM Event Handler

Usually when you build applications, you want to have some kind of logging. A classic example of this is to log when an object has been deleted (removed from the database). Thankfully ColdFusion 9 has a feature called Event Handling which is really useful when you want to log events. So how do you use it? Read more »

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