ColdFusion ORM Book

ColdFusion ORM Book - Now in Print!

A couple of weeks ago I announced that my book eBook "ColdFusion ORM – A guide to developing applications using ColdFusion ORM" was available. In response to some feedback from the awesome ColdFusion community you can now get it it print as well! Read more »

My ColdFusion ORM eBook

I am proud to announce that my eBook "ColdFusion ORM – A guide to developing applications using ColdFusion ORM" is now available! Read more »

ORM hibernate sessions

I see quite a lot of confusion about how hibernate sessions work in ColdFusion 9's ORM. So I thought I'd put together various examples to see what happens. Read more »

Storing ORM Entities in the session scope

I've just been trying to debug an error with ColdFusion ORM. I'm building a booking system and decided to store the new Booking Entity in the session scope until the final stage of the process at which point I'd call EntitySave. Read more »

HQL tip - use a HashMap

When you use HQL, you can choose to select specific properties from an entity (for performance) and also if you want to get aggregate values (such as count and sum). The problem with doing this is that you end up with an array of arrays which isn't very nice to work with. To solve this probblem you can use a map which is similar to a good old ColdFusion struct. Read more »

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