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How to get a job at Broadchoice

I've been watching the appointments that Broadchoice have made recently (Sean Corfield, Ray Camden and Joe Rinehart are among them) and started to think about how I could reach the same level of expertise as those guys. Read more »

jQuery - Getting Started

I recently did a presentation on jQuery for the Devon ColdFusion User Group. If anyone is interested I have put the slides on the Devon CFUG web site. Download the sample files Note: to view the presentation in full screen, click the arrow in the top right hand corner. Read more »

To open source or not?

Jedi Master, Raymond Camden recently did a presentation on Open Source and RIAForge. The synopsis pretty much covers it: It is time for more CFers to start contributing to Open Source, for the benefit of the Community and the product. Ray provides… Read more »

Devon CFUG - we're official!

Just had an email from Adobe to tell me that the Devon CFUG, that I have been setting up here in the South West of England has been official listed on the Adobe site. If anyone is interested in joining then please ping me or check out the website www… Read more »

Scotch on The Rocks - Early bird ends soon

Stephen Moretti, has just been in touch to remind our DevonCFUG members that the early bird price reductions for the Scotch on The Rocks Conference in Edinburgh ends on the 30th of April so get your tickets now. I am attending this year, which I'm r… Read more »

New Coldfusion User Group

I'm in the process of starting up a new Coldfusion User Group in the South West of England. So far the site is up ( and the first meeting is scheduled. What I'm a bit unclear about is how the whole thing works. I'm interested to … Read more »

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