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Removing duplicates using java.util.HashSet

I recently had an issue where I had a list (of ids) with duplicated items in it. ColdFusion 10 has a function called listRemoveDuplicates which does the job, but I'm working on Coldfusion 9 so needed a different approach. Read more »

String concatenation performance reprise

Way back in 2008 I did a blog post on performant ways to concatinate strings in ColdFusion. I've just been working on improving the speed of an old website and thought it was good time to revisit the code. Read more »

IsNull() bug?

I've been updating some error handling code and was using IsNull to detect if the URL and FORM scope exist (as some remote calls may not URL or form scopes). However, IsNull was always returning true. Read more »

singletonPattern and DI/1

I've been playing around with Sean Corfield's DI/1, a simple convention-based IoC framework. My preferred file structure doesn't work with the default convention, so I started thinking about a convention that would support my style. Read more »

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